Training Support

For Foreign Military Personnel while in the U.S.

We have a variety of clients seeking logistical support for military personnel while in the United States that involves training at military bases, language facilities, diplomatic missions or strategic meetings. Our teams provide program management, logistical support, and staff augmentation solutions for any level of missions.

Trade Support

In managing physical minerals and fuel trades, our start to finish supply chain solutions minimizes procedures international transactions. Our team created strong relationships in South America, India and the Middle East. All quotes are validated through a meticulous process to include past performance, independent third-party reports, testing and certification of materials.

Our Subject Matter Experts mitigate:

  • Political Risk
  • Specific Destination Requirements
  • Fraud Possibilities
  • Legal and Trade Policy Clarifications
  • Cultural Ambiguity
  • Identity Misrepresentations
  • Specific Origin Requirements
  • Capability Misrepresentations

Foreign Military Logistics

Past performance ITAR capabilities have taken us into the Middle East. As a military friendly company, our teams employ a result driven approach, while operating in cost savings and efficiency environments. We provide staff locations for contractors, manage procurements, transport military articles and represent the best solutions for 2030 initiatives throughout the Middle East.

Buyer Support

Our Buyers are carefully selected and must pass rigorous measures to prove capability and past performance. Our teams must meet the highest ethical standards and maintain the following:

  • Anonymity
  • Buying Preferences
  • Trade Secrets
  • Applied Strategies

Seller Support

Procurement teams in fuel, mining, and agricultural production identify the ideal global markets where materials will be introduced. Partnerships position Sellers to maximize opportunities that avoids a possible disadvantageous to the international economy.