J.A. White & Associates, Inc. is one of the top Federal Procurement, Compliance and Supply Chain Management firms in the nation. For over seventeen (17) years, we have tailored a line of advisory services in the areas of government contracting solutions and Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) related and procurement system compliance for our US and International clients. To date, we have managed over 100 CPSR's and have an unprecedented track record in this area. Our broad range of expertise allows us to support clients in the areas of small business reviews, proposal support, estimating system reviews, property management system reviews, earned value management system reviews, accounting system reviews, subcontract management, customized training, and supplier financial management consulting services.


Our approach is simple yet effective. We first seek to understand our client’s mission and operating environment. We then offer solutions that balance these against the current legal and regulatory environment, market place best practices and the current Government oversight trends.


To serve our customers at the highest possible levels, our subject matter experts include former contracting professionals from the Army, Navy, Air Force, credentialed Contracting Officers, DCMA (CPSR Team members) and DCAA. All staff have procurement expertise in DoD contracting, auditing and contract administration.


Our combination of deep federal contracting and audit knowledge, proven expertise, and practical experience implementing solutions shows that J.A. White & Associates, Inc. can be relied upon to exceed customer expectations.

  • Unmatched reputation
  • Solution evolution
  • Overall company cost savings
  • Increase in business productivity