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Why Choose Us?

At J.A. White & Associates, Inc. Small Business, we understand the heart of small business concerns. We strive to make the process of navigating the world of federal government contracting a little easier. Our management team has the knowledge and expertise on the transition from small business subcontractor to becoming a small business prime. The most common questions a small business owner asks are:

“How do we successfully navigate territory that we’ve never been in before?"

"Who can we trust for the right solutions and not use valuable resources for invaluable solutions?"

"How much risk am I taking by completing contractual actions on my own?”

This transition can often times become very frustrating. The wrong or uninformed decision can also be a costly one. J.A. White & Associates, Inc. Small Business was created because we understand the specialized issues that a small business faces every day. You, our valued client, are first PRIORITY.

Our Mission is Simple

We’ve seen the rapidly growing and critical need for small business solutions. Often times, a small business will have the need for multiple contracts specialists but will barely have resources for a contracts analyst.