Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR)

Our Approach to Success

J.A. White & Associates, Inc. provides industry leading, tried and proven Contractors’ Purchasing System Review (CPSR) consulting services. We offer a combination of proactive techniques to project future CPSR audit trends along with our practical experience implementing CPSR-compliant purchasing systems. Our clear goal is to provide services that consistently exceed our most demanding clients’ expectations.

Four Phases to Success

  • A comprehensive review of a client's policies, procedures, systems, processes, file documentation and department staff. This phase is conducted in order to identify and analyze potential weaknesses that could impact business operations and overall company costs.

  • Development of a CPSR success plan designed to address any weaknesses identified during phase 1. Corrective Action will clearly state the type of weakness identified, remedies, and specific steps to move from problematic to desired. ​

  • Hands on support to clients from the initial Government Pre-CPSR data request, Pre-CPSR kickoff preparation, to receipt of their system approval letter. This critical phase engages the appropriate department resources, develops procurement policies, procedures and applicable forms, as well as, target trains management and staff.

  • Solutions that will assist your organization sustain long term CPSR compliant processes. Internal and external changes constantly occur, presenting new hazards to an organization. Management must continually adapt its policies and procedures to manage its changing risks to a comfortable level.

CPSR Target Training

As a part of our Implementation and Sustainment Phases, we provide customized training. Through discussions and participative methodology, subject matter expert, Jeffery White, provides insight into the requirements of an adequate purchasing system, the monitoring of an approved system, and how to prepare and respond to a purchasing system review.

Training topics include:

  • New CPSR Guidelines issued by DCMA
  • Requirements for Formal CPSR
  • Subcontract Management and Documentation
  • Cost and Price Analysis of subcontract proposals
  • Consent and Advanced Notification requirements
  • Government Purchasing Fraud Risk Indicators
  • Compliance with Public Laws, FAR and DFARS flow-downs
  • Government Surveillance and Disclosures
  • Preparing today for a Government review tomorrow
  • Obtaining Reps and Certifications from your subcontractors
  • Documenting negotiations with suppliers

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