Custom Training
Instructor Led and Webcast

Tailored to Meet Your Needs!

Whether you are with a prime contractor, government agency, non-profit, or subcontractor, procurement target training gives clients the knowledge and hard skills needed to succeed. We believe in empowering our clients with the tools and resources to maintain the highest level of government compliance and create courses tailored to meet the needs of your company, agency or department.

The benefits of target training are:

  • Customized Content
  • Flexible Delivery
  • Cost Savings with Employee Travel
  • Interactive Ability with Subject Matter Experts

What Topics Are Covered?

Expert instructors help you optimize learning as we cover key topics including, but not limited to:

  • Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) Documentation
  • Subcontract Proposal Analysis
  • Commercial Items Acquisition
  • Contract and Subcontract Management
  • Subcontract Management for Program Managers and Requisitioners
  • Negotiation Workshop
  • Procurement Ethics
  • Basic FAR Training for Procurement Personnel